Yiasi Foods Pvt. Ltd. Pune Maharashtra, was incorporated in 2016,

Our objective was to bring to your kitchen commonly used ingredients, food items, which are essential, yet, are not readily available in the market. Products which would make cooking easier, faster & convenient.

So the search & research started,  soon we realised that, the most popular dish ordered in restaurants & online across India is Biryani, &many love to prepare it at home.

Indeed Biryani is a very flavourful, tasty, wholesome & well rounded preparation. So where does this dish get its unique taste & flavour from?

It is Birista, Fried Fresh Onions. ( not, dried or dehydrated onion, which are cheap, tasteless & available by the ton. )

This wonderful ingredient magically transforms a,’ just another rice dish with elaborate ingredients &preparation method’, to a  mouth watering, aromatic, dish with a heavenly taste, balancing & bringing out the flavours of all the other ingredients perfectly.

But this great taste maker, is actually a pain to prepare. Apart from the’ tearsome’ labor involved ( to prepare 1 kg. Birista you need to peel & slice 5 to 6 kg. of fresh onions),there is wastage of oil, gas, etc.Even then, not all get it right as a certain level of skill is required to prepare a good Birista. 

BINGO,We shortlisted the product we would like to bring to your kitchen.

Samples were prepared &distributed to home-makers, women on the move, chefs, experimental cooks, in India & abroad. The feed back we received was very encouraging, as a matter of fact, we were informed that apart from Biryani, Birista is widely used to make a variety of Veg & Non-Veg dishes,also as garnish for soups, dals etc. & many feel that this taste maker is a ‘must have in your stock’ ingredient, they were glad to know that it would be available online.

Now BIRIZTA is here.

Respected food lovers thank you for visiting our site & hope you try out our product.

Now when ever you say Birista say BIRIZTA.(Regd. Trade Mark).

Always Keep Smiling.